Reviews: What Did You Think about Captain America: Civil War

Rarely are we privileged to witness perfection in our lifetime, an ascension of immaculate conception against formulas and data sets. Just as Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky changed literature in the 19th century, and Picasso and Matisse permanently transformed art in the 20th century, so to does Civil War bridge the gap between this world and infinity. I say this without hyperbole and in complete sobriety: Civil War is the greatest superhero movie in the history of the genre. Just as The Godfather provide a clear demarcation between American film history, Civil War as well forever splits superhero movie history. (Watch Captain America Civil War)

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When reviewing this psychotically error-proof work of art, it is difficult to comprehend the political and psychological elements at play here. Like the great filmmakers of years past, the Russo Brothers incorporate pressing issues in the American political and socioeconomic fabric of everyday life to advance their storytelling technique. For comparative examples, look at our current Presidential election climate and the approval/criticism debate involving the generation sociologists have labeled “Millennials.”

To its detractors, know one thing. Throughout the history of American cinema, creative high points of film art have been lambasted while derivative fluff of the trivial nature has been garnered with praise. Likewise, the cinematic storytellers of the future will, an a pointless effort to capture the very nature of eternity and physical existence, set the world on fire with the sights and sounds of Civil War. (Movies Streaming)